More Vancouver renters decry loophole used to sharply raise rents

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March 19, 2017 | CBC | Maryse Zeidler

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Residents of a building in Vancouver’s Fairview Slopes neighbourhood are adding their voices to demands that the province close a legal loophole that allows landlords to sharply increase rent. 

Heyman said he’d heard of the issue in the West End, but it was the first time he had heard of tenants complaining about the geographic increase clause in his riding.

“The real problem is the province of British Columbia needs to close both these loopholes so people like the renters in this building can have an affordable place to live,” he said.

Last week, Housing Minister Rich Coleman told reporters that closing the loopholes would be too complicated, but he petitioned his government for a discussion paper on the matter. 

“It’s not complicated at all. It’s a loophole, and it should be closed so that people aren’t gouged by the few landlords who are seeing an opportunity to jack up rents.”

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