George question the Minister of Transportation about party bus regulations in B.C.

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“In July 2008, 16-year-old Shannon Raymond died after travelling with friends on a party bus where alcohol and the drug Ecstasy were used in combination.
In February 2013, 16-year-old Ernest Azoadam was found dying at a Chevron station in Surrey after riding on a party bus. He was transported to Surrey Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

We are on the cusp of graduations, a time when teenagers celebrate a transition to their future. While party buses are a popular choice for these celebrations, even some of those in the industry say that operators too often place youth in vulnerable positions by failing to provide protection and by allowing them easy access to alcohol and drugs.

Will the Minister of Transportation commit today to immediate action to protect young people from the virtually unregulated party bus culture before another preventable tragedy robs someone of their bright future?”