Fairview Eco-Gathering

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The Fairview Eco-Gathering will bring the community together on August 13th for a day of fun, learning, and friendship.

We talked with Brenda from the event’s organizing committee about the upcoming gathering.

What: Fairview Eco-Gathering
When: Saturday August 13th, 1-5 PM
Where: Pop-Up Plaza, Granville and 14th Avenue

What will be happening at the event?

Brenda: The event will be a safe and inclusive way to bring neighbours together, while sharing environmental skills and knowledge.

There will be a lot of fun and educational activities. A table for repairing clothes, a clothing swap, and a workshop on making yoga bolsters – the idea is to not always buy new things, but to use items in different ways.

We’ll also have a table for bird identification, which includes information on how to support birds and other pollinators in your backyard, as well as a table on emergency preparedness.

Is it a family friendly event?

Brenda: Absolutely! We’ll have activities for kids and we strongly encourage you to bring the whole family.

Why now?

Brenda: I moved into the area during COVID and didn’t get to meet a lot of my neighbours. I know a lot of people are in the same situation, so now is a good time to bring the community together. I’m super excited to get our there to meet more people and learn new skills

Where can people learn more?

Brenda: Please visit our event page on Facebook!