British Columbians working for minimum wage deserve better, says NDP

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VICTORIA – New Democrat spokesperson for Economic Development, Jobs, Labour and Skills, Shane Simpson, released the following statement on the dismal $0.20 increase to the minimum wage that went into effect Tuesday:

“For British Columbians feeling squeezed by endless rate hikes and fee increases under Premier Christy Clark, her dismal $0.20 increase to the minimum wage will barely make a dent. British Columbians deserve better.

“People working full time jobs should not be living in in poverty, yet the current minimum wage still leaves full-time workers $6,000 below the poverty line. These people are working hard but barely making it by financially.

“New Democrats understand that families are facing financial challenges in their daily lives and that British Columbians deserve an economy where everyone benefits, not just the people at the top.

“The $0.20 increase is paltry by anyone’s standards. Reducing inequality needs to be a priority, but Premier Clark isn’t there for British Columbians. With tax breaks for high income earners and a meager minimum wage increase, it’s not surprising that the working poor quite rightly feel abandoned by the B.C. Liberals today.”