Wishing Jewish Canadians a festive Chanukah

VICTORIA – On behalf of the New Democrat Official Opposition, Leader John Horgan made this statement today to all Canadians celebrating the start of Chanukah; the Jewish Festival of Lights. “This annual occasion is a time of rejoicing and sharing with loved ones, friends, family …

George speaks to Bill 2 – The Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act

“here is a reason that about 98 percent of the world’s scientists are in agreement that climate change is a man-made phenomenon. It’s worldwide. It’s not a regional phenomenon. It’s a significant threat to the future health of the planet and the future well-being of many low-lying communities that are barely above sea level. It’s also a significant economic threat, as was pointed out by Sir Nicholas Stern, I believe, in the U.K. If we do not deal with this, there will be significant price to pay, economic price to pay, in many, many, many ways down the road.”