Heyman says scrap transit referendum after premier changes her mind again

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VANCOUVER – After the latest flip-flop from Premier Christy Clark on the ill-conceived transit referendum, New Democrat critic George Heyman says it’s time to scrap it already.

“Another day, another position from the premier on the transit referendum. Instead of wasting more time, Premier Clark needs to get to work on actually solving the problem by sitting down with the mayors to work out a funding formula that works for everyone,” said Heyman. “What people in the Lower Mainland need is leadership on this issue, and they’re not getting it from this premier and this B.C. Liberal government.”

Heyman added a functioning transportation network is the foundation for economic progress and liveability in Metro Vancouver, and the cost of road congestion to the entire B.C. economy has been assessed at $1.5 billion annually. He was responding to the news that Premier Christy Clark is now suggesting the transit referendum she promised in a desperate attempt to avoid making a decision could be delayed past the November municipal elections.