George Heyman responds to the Speech from the Thrown

Excerpt –

On the issue of jobs, the Premier has claimed that this industry will provide many jobs for British Columbians, 100,000 jobs. Of course British Columbians would welcome that. We would welcome that. People want jobs for British Columbians. But if the Premier wants jobs for British Columbians, she needs to do more than just tell British Columbians that she’s going to create jobs and then turn around and sign quiet deals with the government of China to bring in temporary foreign workers to fill whatever jobs are in fact created in the liquid natural gas industry.

We can do better in B.C. We should do better in B.C., and we will do better in B.C.

No debt in British Columbia. Frankly, given the likelihood of a very low royalty and tax regime at any time — and an even lower one until many, many years have gone by and the province and people of British Columbia have totally paid off the capital costs of the proponents of the LNG industry…. Only then will we begin to see any significant returns. That will be a long time.

In the meantime, in the three short years that we have had the current Premier of British Columbia, have we seen our provincial debt go down? Has it gone down? No, it’s gone up by almost a third. It’s incredible. Say one thing; do another. Tell people what they want to hear; forget about the facts.