Attorney general’s statement on ICBC’s basic rate application

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David Eby, Attorney General, has released the following statement on ICBC:

“Today, British Columbian drivers are again faced with the reality of the financial crisis at ICBC left by the previous government. This situation was so dire that, had our government not moved to stop the bleeding, the announcement today would have been almost a 40% increase.

“What’s worse is that these repeated increases could have been prevented. The previous government was presented with clear solutions to ICBC’s financial crisis and warned that if it did not act, drivers would suffer the consequences. They not only ignored the warning, they hid the solutions from the public.

“Our government has taken on the difficult work of fixing the problems left behind at ICBC, including implementing the very solutions the old government was told could have prevented this mess. The changes will come into effect in the spring, which will significantly reduce the legal costs associated to minor injury claims and provide enhanced care for people injured in crashes.

“We are also undertaking a historic modernization of our public auto-insurer to make insurance rates more fair for people in B.C.

“British Columbians deserve a government that will be accountable and honest about ICBC’s current financial challenges. We have put ICBC on a path so that it can once again work in the interests of all drivers in B.C.”