COVID-19 Financial Support

Last updated December 3, 2020

These are difficult times for British Columbians. Fortunately, the Government of British Columbia offers many financial and social supports for people and businesses who have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Supports for People

➤ Explore Financial Supports for Individuals & Families.
➤ Explore supports for low-income people on Income or Disability Assistance.
➤ Explore supports for People With Disabilities.
➤ Access free and low-cost Virtual Mental Health Supports.

Supports for Businesses

➤ Visit the COVID-19 Supports for Businesses website.
➤ Download the COVID-19 Supports for Businesses Guide (pdf).
➤ Contact the BC Business COVID-19 Advisory Service.

For Government of Canada programs contact your local Member of Parliament or visit: